Taking Time Off

What’s better than running and racing?

Spending uninterrupted time off with your family!

After ABUC I have only ran a handful of times. My racing season is over, August – May. I’m taking time with my family! During training racing season it’s easy to miss half a weekend with the kids because of the long runs. Weekly runs being early, missing breakfast or running late, missing bedtime. You can’t make up time but you can become more present.

Just like planning your A races you have to plan your time off. It’s good to have a down cycle and time to reflect on your previous season and to just spend time with the people you love.

What I have been up to?

Growing our company, swimming, tubing at the lake, going to the fairgrounds, growing items in our garden!

During my racing season we were building our newest restaurant. It opened in July! We had plans to open in April/May but a tornado came through and changed our plans. It is open now and running smoothly.

Man I love swimming and tubing! We went out on the lake and got to have some fun this off season. My children got to experience the lake and water sports. They also got to see dad get thrown off a tube a time or 2.

Since Covid we havent been to the fair. We finally went this year. My daughter is now 5 (almost tall enough for every ride). We got to spend quality time spending money on carnival games (that I lost) and on all that great food. My son isnt quite there yet age wise, but boy was he ready!

We tended to our garden a little more heavily this year. My wife planted wanted to try watermelons and while they require a lot of water (on a dry summer) we still managed to produce 3 nice watermelons! (Pic doesn’t do it justice. I promise they were full size ha.

“Healthy habits are learned in the same way as unhealthy ones – through practice.” Wayne Dyer

Having an offseason is my healthy habit. I have many off seasons whether it be with work, running, etc. My training for my A race started back up as I am finishing this blog (more on that later).

What are your off seasons? What healthy habits do you do?

Check out my runs here!!!

Run Arkansas!


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