Top Gear of 2021

Top Gear of 2021

What a year we had in 2021! Races were back, then canceled, then maybe not canceled, then back on. If you’re like me, you weren’t sure if you were going to be training for an “A” race or just another virtual race. Either way you had to run out and grab some new gear, try products, and hopefully find something that stuck. Where to begin? With every company dropping their latest updates or even a whole new line, it was almost impossible to feel as if you had accomplished this crazy burden. What are your goals? Before deciding on the products that you need, goals need to be set to refine your products.

Here are my top 3 items of 2021

Here are my top 3 items of 2021, where I began and what were my goals.

1. Naked Running Band

The Naked Running Band was by far my favorite product of 2021 and maybe ever. The functionality of the band made it easy to use on any run for any distance. Whether I was going out for 3 miles and just carrying my phone, or racing in a 50k while needing to carry gels, water, jacket, etc.

My initial goal for 2021 was to eliminate the vest or handhelds as much as possible. Simply, I wanted to run free. Without having to adjust my vest or have to take it off to get certain products out of the vest. I wanted to run hands free so I could run with a more natural running form. So, I began with belts. A belt it was, but what belt? Or maybe not a belt but a band. I tried Velcro belts, clip belts, large and small belts. From UD (Ultimate Direction) to Nike but not one belt was doing what the band can do. Let me RUN FREE, without having to adjust and readjust over and over again.

2. NipEAZE

Have you ever been running and it didn’t matter what shirt you had on you chafed? I experienced it early in 2020 for the first time. I had to fix the issue in 2021. So I did and NipEAZE was the solution. They go on super easy and stay on as long as you need. Even after the shower (because you forget they are there). They come off just as easy as they go on. They come in a couple of sizes to cater to anyone. Once again the goals was to run free. To be able to run without over thinking the outcome. They are inexpensive and honestly worth saving your nips!

3. Balega Blister Resist Crew Running Socks

I needed cushion, and less blisters. Crew length or no crew length these socks meet my expectations and added a level of comfort I needed to go farther. Now they aren’t for getting wet over and over again, but they provide that smooth comfort above all others. You might be thinking, its just a sock. No way! Socks are needed to complete the comfort level every runner needs to achieve their highest abilities. Runners drop all the time from blisters, and other discomforts that started with the sock.


I used each one of these products all together, individually or staggered. My “A” race in 2021 was the Hogeye Half-Marathon. I used each one of these products during that race and was able to put out a 10 minute PR (Personal Record). I will continue to use these products in 2022 while I find more products to help me run free.

If your local to NWA, all of these products can be found at Rush Running. Please consider stopping in and seeing them!


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